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About AdBlaster

What is AdBlaster?

AdBlaster is a free extension you can add to your Chrome browser that allows you to browse websites, watch YouTube videos, and enjoy online services without annoying ads. With AdBlaster, you can block popups and banners that interfere with your online experience and access content without being interrupted.

How does AdBlaster work?

Once you install AdBlaster, it will work in the background when you use the Chrome browser. The extension automatically blocks all ads so that you're not interrupted in the middle of YouTube videos and there are no flashing banners on content-based websites.

What are "Acceptable Ads"?

Not all ads are bad, and showing you certain ads can help the websites that you love remain operational. That's why AdBlaster asks our users what ads and websites are acceptable in order to define our criteria for non-intrusive ads. If you do see an ad on a website that you think shouldn't be there, let us know and we'll adjust our criteria.

Does AdBlaster collect any user data?

AdBlaster does not collect any data from our users. The data that we receive, such as what ads have been blocked and on which websites, are used internally and analyzed to improve our service. We do not send any data to third parties and do not collect any private data. Please see our privacy policy for more details.